Burn Baybeee Burn, Its a Disney Inferno (part 2)

By Reade

"The Mickster will see you know" Doc intoned "he's in one hell of a mood, don't say I didn't
warn you."

"Oh I can deal with him, don't worry your funny little head" and with that I strutted up the

I reached the ornately carved, artificial wood doorway of Control. I
didn't bother to knock. I pushed upon the door and the Mouse was waiting for me surrounded
by his technicolor pals. I could tell by the look on their faces that they were worried. They were crowded around a tv monitor, pointing at 2 people. I instantly recognized them. Pilgrim and Maria (who looked fetching in her jumpsuit).

"How can we get rid of this man? Michael has done far too much damage and he has way too
much knowledge of our set up here." Mickey pondered

"I know, we should take away something he truly cares for. Something he lives for. How about
this fetching woman he's photographed with..." those words came from Donald. Poor Donald.
Never very bright.

"Or you could just take away his surveillance equipment" I said

The toons turned to look at me. Recognition combined with lust. And
then when they saw the look on my face it changed to fear.

"Reade, baby its been way too long. I knew you'd come back. No one could make you feel like
I did darlin'. A Toon can do things with his body that no human can..."

"Actually Mickster as it turns out, lots of people could make me feel like you do, especially
when you throw Jello into the equation. And then there is this amazing man named Walter, and
oh my..." I fanned myself for effect. I knew this was a low blow. Mickey took pride in the
perverted things he was able to do sexually. And I knew he liked to brag. I needed to undermine him for a couple of minutes.

The Toons elbowed each other. They guffawed. They made lewd gestures.
<Oh god> I thought. <I am so looking forward to roasting these bits of celluloid like too many

"Oh Readie, how soon we forget. Don't you remember the night in Space Mountain? Or the
time we convinced the Tourists that we were a new edition to the Hall of Presidents. You were
always such an exhibitionist. Sure made for good videos. I kept showing them to Minnie, so that
maybe she would learn from your excellent technique. She finally killed herself, she said she
couldn't stand being compared to..and I quote.. that Flesh coloured Bitch any longer."

" Minnie was doing all of the Dwarves Mick. And the Chipmunks. And likely half of the boys in
this room. Apparently they thought she was entertaining enough. Especially with the rope and
handcuffs. See she did learn something from me... But Mickey. I was wondering...maybe you
could show me my old chamber. I felt kinda lonely for it. And you. Boys, if he doesn't come
back for awhile...don't worry, I won't keep him away for too long, unless its long...if you know
what I mean" Toons are never unable to avoid laughing like teenage boys at sexual innuendo. A
design flaw.

The toons guffawed again and egged Mickey on. I knew he'd have to go
now. I just hope the Boys left the things in there that I needed. They wanted to be prepared for any inevitability.

"Readie I will take you, in more ways then one."

Why did I feel nauseous all of a sudden. Jeez I hope the flashbacks
don't start again. No. I could do this. I needed to do it for my Super Twin and for Fro. And for the children of the world. This cancer of depravity needed a surgical removal. And I alone was holding the scalpel.

I followed Mickey out the door and up the hall.

Part 3 (the Finale) to follow......