Big thanks to The Goddess :::Kate441 waves Hi to Lywendre:::
for giving us this space in her Lair for the viewing of FLO graphics.

(Please don't blame her for anything on this page <g>!)

Any comments to the artist at ('cuz Kate441 gets all the blame
for these!). ...You could also send her a life if you have a spare one laying around that
you're not using <sigh>!

Please send all other comments on the graphics and discussion of t-shirt
design to the mailing list at If we're gonna make FLO iron-on
t-shirt transfers out of these, the artist needs feedback on ideas, placement, font styles,
sizes, colors. (Everything is shown against a white background 'cuz the transfers work
best on white t-shirts.)

Here's the deal: if you're dying to have any of these lovely items for
yourself, just download them from this page (Kate441 says it's okay - she
made them for FLO members & Goddess knows no one else would want
them <g>.).

And Kate441 promises to post to the babble mailing list when she adds more stuff for you
to check out for discussion.

 Enough with the words...

Show me the Graphics!!!!!

 FLO Home Page Address
Discussion so far seems to favor having the address somewhere (sleeve and hem area have been
mentioned so far). These are actual size. Want a different color?



Long FLO Banner Plaques
Same as the ones available thru the FLO web site, plus one more.

Short FLO Plaques
Both are relatives of the plain one at the top of this page. Want one of these on your shirt?
FLO head-black
FLO head-blue

 Still to come... Frohike Liberation Organization in big letters...

Let's hear some comments through


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