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Useful Stuff

The Electric Postcard
Care enough to send the very best...
Internet Pizza Via E-Mail
Order mine with golf balls, bolts, and pepperoni, please!
Kama Sutra
You can never have too many edible oils...
The Really Big Button that doesn't do anything
Great for taking out your frustrations on!
Surrealistic Compliment Generator
Compliments appropriate to absolutely no situation...

Interesting Stuff
The Spam Haiku Archive
Sonnets and limericks, too. (And even less appreciated than Mooku!)
Kitty Porn
The decadence; the depravity...
Black Hole of the Web
Whatever you do, don't go near the black hole..........
The Useless Pages
Tons of useful useless stuff!


 Animal Stuff

Biffy the Dog's Totally Cool Web Page
See the moving story of a dog named Biffy...
Guinea Pig TeleVision
See them living the good life in their little condos!
The Naked Dancing Llama
Maybe you'd better not ask...
Sea Monkey Worship Page
Aren't they just the *cutest* little things?


 X-Files Stuff

The Frohike Liberation Organization
Because the little guy needs all the help he can get!
Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic
For those who worship at the feet of the Enigmatic Dr. Scully.
Office of the Assistant Director
For those who prefer the strong, silent type...
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to David Duchovny
As if he needs protection...!
The Roads Less Traveled
X-Files Fanfiction from Off the Beaten Path
An archive maintained by the Goddess Lywendre herself!
Morbidity & Mortality: Death & Destruction on the X-Files
Full of interesting statistics... Want to know how many times Mulder has dropped his gun?


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