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The Clinic

by Raine

The Clinic
by Raine
Summary: Withheld at author's request
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I did not create the characters of Mulder and Scully.
Chris Carter did, and he, 1013, and Fox own them. I am making no
money from this, and mean no copyright infringement. Also, anyone
you might recognize I got permission from.
Dedication: To all the wonderful archivists/others who make this
possible. Thanks.
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"Insanity is often the logic of an accurate mind overtasked."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes
The grounds of the facility were marked with gnarled roots that broke
through the earth. In the darkness, they resembled twisted forms that
crawled, the moonlight on their backs.
"So, who exactly called in the disappearance, Mulder?" The compact
redhead glanced sideways at her partner. The two drew rapidly closer
to a massive three-story structure.
"The head nurse at the clinic, Sue, reported the missing patient
approximately twenty-four hours after she disappeared." As they
climbed stone stairs, one of two large, iron-bound doors creaked open.
Scully stared questioningly at Mulder as a woman appeared.
The stranger held the door open with her hip. "Are you two the agents
we called?"
On the porch, Mulder stepped forward. "Yes. I'm Special Agent Mulder,
this is Agent Scully." He forced his gaze from the woman's large chest
with difficulty.
The blonde nodded. When she spoke, her voice was mild. "I'm Lisa.
Actually, the patient has reappeared, so we don't really need any
further help." She shrugged with exaggerated nonchalance. "Sorry to
waste your time driving out all this way, but everything looks back to
normal." After a pause, the woman started to swing the door closed.
She stared at them over her glasses; her head bent as the portal swung
"As long as we're already here, would you mind if we spoke with the
victim?" Mulder gave her his best smile even as he stepped forward to
aggressively block the door.
Lisa froze as she was forced to switch gears. "Um, I guess so. But
there's not much point right now, she's probably pretty heavily
medicated. Most of them are."
"That's all right," Scully reassured her. Her tone, however
diplomatic, left no doubt that the agents would indeed see the patient
either way. "We just want to talk to her for a second."
"Okay," Grudgingly, Lisa said, "Follow me, then." She disappeared into
the building. After a pause, Mulder and Scully followed. When Scully
turned to close the door, it was already on its way to meet the frame
by itself. There was a thump in the empty air. Scully stared for a
moment, then shook herself and followed her partner.
"We're going to have to go to the basement first," Lisa said. The
high heels of her shoes clicked on the stone staircase. "I have to
complete my rounds, so Sue will take you to the patient."
They reached the lower level. Scully asked, "So, what sort of
residents do you house here?"
Abruptly, the woman turned and said, "Oh, all kinds. A lot of
creative types. Well, here we are." As they reached the basement,
Lisa smiled tightly without making eye contact. "Wait for a moment;
I'll get Sue." She walked down a well-lit hallway to agents' left.
"Mulder, is it just me, or?" Scully looked at her partner in confusion.
He agreed. "There's something going on here besides a resolved
disappearance." A loud clanking sounded from the hallway Lisa had
entered. Another woman rounded the corner. Like Lisa, this employee
was clad in a nurses' outfit. Unlike her, though, the fashionable
footwear had been replaced with sensible, thick-heeled walking shoes.
The sound came from the enormous iron keychain resting in a white
cotton pocket.
"Hello, I'm the-uh, I'm Sue." The brunette grinned and moved close to
Mulder, taking his hand in a tight grip until she was barely a
hands-length away. Her voice lowered until she was talking to only
him. "You're Agent Mulder."
Scully cleared her throat loudly. Sue started and stared over at her
with narrowed eyes. Mulder took the opportunity to pry Sue's tight
grip from his hand.
"Could you show us to the woman who disappeared?" He rubbed his
still-aching palm.
Sue shrugged and stepped away from Mulder. "Sure, fine. I think
you'll find this a waste of your time, though." Looking at her watch,
she crossed the large room and opened a door at the opposite end. She
only glanced behind her once to make sure the agents were following.
The two, guided by Sue, walked through several cool stone corridors.
Scully observed, "I noticed this structure goes up several stories.
It must be quite a large building to have such an extensive basement."
Sue said dryly, "You have no idea." The petite nurse stopped in front
of a huge, locked steel door. The portal was modern, at odds with the
Gothic architecture of the rest of the building. Their guide removed
the huge iron ring from her pocket and began twisting a key in the
first of five locks.
Finally, Sue pushed the door open, grunting at the weight of it. "This
isn't my normal area of operations, but the administrator here is
indisposed, so I'll be taking you in." She gestured for the agents to
precede her, and hefted the wing entrance closed with a loud, echoing
"You don't control the entire facility?" Mulder asked.
Sue glanced sideways at him. It's a little complicated. There are
several administrators here at Pleasant Scribe, of which I am one. We
share responsibility overall, but each of us has a specific area we're
in charge of as well." A low moaning cut off any further explanation
as the three moved down the corridor.
"Don't mind them," Sue said, "The residents in this area tend to be a
little on the whiny side. We don't have that problem in my wing." The
nurse grimaced as she said the last, as if she were thinking better of
the words even as she said them. The three stopped at Sue's cue, and
she unlocked a door similar to the others, with a metal plaque
labeling it room 1013.
"How could someone escape from this kind of security?" Mulder wondered
aloud. It wasn't the only question he had about this increasingly
strange-seeming mental hospital, but it was the one he wanted answered.
The nurse sighed. "This particular woman was transferred from my
control, where patients have a bit more freedom. Finally, we decided
she needed something moreStructured." The door swung inward to reveal
a modern, well-lit hospital room. Mulder relaxed a little,
inexplicably relieved.
"How are we doing today, Kate?" Sue addressed a small, huddled figure
in the corner nearest the door. The thin woman clutched her bare
knees more tightly at Sue's voice and jerked her head from side to
side. She emitted a thin, whimpering sound.
"Oh dear. Are you being uncooperative? Kate, you know what happens to
difficult residents." Sue's tone was detached and indifferent, and it
made Scully shiver. The nurse added, "You want your shot, don't you?"
Kate's eyes slowly opened. When the glazed orbs registered Mulder and
Scully, she squealed something incomprehensible and lunged across the
room, her arms outstretched, to hide behind the bed. Mulder looked
away to avoid seeing her body, bare underneath the gaping hospital
gown. Scully's mouth snapped closed after a long moment.
"Oh, my. I didn't even think what a shock it would be to see the two
of you." Sue's spoke in a low voice, as if to herself.
"Why-" Mulder started.
"Never mind." Sue cut him off. There were three short thumps on the
door. Sighing, the nurse said, "Oh, good, finally." Two orderlies
appeared. The first wheeled a steel cart into the room. At the
sound, the patient looked up from behind the bed, then again
disappeared. One man hauled an unresisting Kate from behind the bed,
laid her out, and tied restraints at her wrists and ankles. The
second man inserted a needle into the vein in the crook of her arm,
ejecting a drug into her bloodstream.
"This stuff works like a charm. Without it, I don't think we could
control all of these residents, frankly."
"You give that same medication to all of your residents?" The alarm
was evident in Scully's voice.
Sue nodded, her eyes locking again with Mulder's. Scully stared at
the nurse angrily to no avail.
Finally, Mulder asked, tearing his gaze away, "When will be able to
speak with her?" The agent couldn't put his finger on it, but he
suddenly wanted to leave as soon as possible. Unfortunately for him,
the small form on the bed was spread-eagled and drooling.
Slowly, Sue turned around and nodded at the beefy orderlies. "You
won't," The nurse said tonelessly. She padded to the door. Suddenly,
violently, she slammed the steel portal shut.
"Mulder-" Scully started, alarmed.
The two white-clad men took her off guard. As soon as they grabbed
her, though, Scully's academy training kicked in. After trying to
disarm her, the first hit the ground clutching his groin, and the
second received a high heel to the top of his foot and two fingers in
his eyes. Scully whirled and drew her gun in one smooth motion.
Across the room, her partner was engaged in some kind of dancing
struggle with the small nurse. With a cry, Sue launched herself onto
Mulder's back and wrapped her arms around his neck.
"GET OFF HIM!" Scully waved her gun at Sue, who climbed down and
smoothed her clothing sheepishly. Her partner trained his weapon on
the two recovering orderlies.
Astonished and recovering, Mulder said, "We need to figure out what's
going on here,"
Scully walked over and jerked the thick key ring from Sue's cardigan
"You shouldn't do that," Sue said. "There are things here that you
shouldn't see. Things that you can't see." Her green eyes were wide
and afraid.
"Oh, yeah, that'll work." Mulder said dryly as he and his partner
backed out the door.
The agents left Sue behind in the room. They both missed the
brunette's wide grin as Mulder slammed the iron door shut and Scully
locked it.
The two agents ran down the hallway in search of the exit, but to
their surprise, the door that they had entered with Sue was gone.
Stone wall and a sign had replaced it.
It read, "Remember, you alone are responsible for proper archive
procedure! Please consult the FAQ." Scully wondered dimly what a FAQ
was as she and Mulder explored hallway after twisting hallway. Each
was filled with the same strange low moaning that had been in the
first corridor. This time, though, it seemed that they were all
moaning the same thing. Scully strained to make out the words.
"Mulder, what are they doing to the people here?" Scully asked,
alarmed and frustrated. The agents slowed to a brisk walk as they
rounded corner after corner in search of an exit.
"I don't know, but maybe we can find out." He gestured toward a door
that was ajar. There were noises escaping. As silently as possible,
the two agents approached.
A woman's voice yelled, causing Scully to jump, "Well? Answer me!"
There was only whimpering in reply.
"I am so sick of your excuses. Now, before I have to use the whip
again," A sharp snapping sound filled the air, "I want to hear the
classification procedures!"
The whimpering turned into full-fledged sobbing. Scully cringed and
looked at Mulder, who had a strange, twisted expression on his face.
Not for the first time, Scully wondered about his sex life.
An agonized voice said, "Please, Mistress Gem, don't hurt me again. I
promise. I'll be better. I just can't think of those things, what
with my real life-" Another air-popping crack, then another. Screaming.
"What do you say?" Threatening tones echoed out to caress the stone.
The man's voice babbled from rote, clearly terrified. "There is no
real life, none whatsoever, I'm sorry, I'm pitiful, there is no excuse
for not knowing correct rating guidelines, I'll never do it again,"
The voice rose in desperation. "God, please, I'm sorry"
Scully looked at Mulder, her eyes wide. "Is this some kind of medieval
dungeon? This can't be allowed to continue, Mulder." Her partner
nodded, horrified.
As they continued, Gem's voice followed. "Now unless you want another
visit to the slash administrator"
"NOOO!!! That woman is insane! You don't know what goes on in there."
The tortured voice begged.
"Good." The female tones were conciliatory. "Very good. Then all you
have to do is"
The two agents continued down the hallway, having heard enough.
Suddenly, there was a blood-curdling scream from the room they had
just left. It was echoed from behind the passing steel doors in a
dozen different suffering pitches. Mulder and Scully braced
themselves against the despairing, shrill sound of the voices echoing
as one. They walked as quickly as they could, tense and silent,
wondering how far it would be until they reached an exit.
Mulder stopped his partner short just before they rounded a corner.
Scully, looking up, noticed there were letters carved into the stone
of the archway. She squinted to make them out. GOMR. Gomer? Her
forehead wrinkled in puzzlement. A new clanging sound interrupted
further thoughts. Scully peered around her partner's shoulder to see
two orderlies similar to the first entering a patient's room.
Protesting yells sounded.
"You can't keep me tied up here! Someone's going to find me
eventually! Damn you, I'm writing a screenplay!"
The two agents waited for the sound of rattling metal. Finally, the
orderlies exited and walked in a sedate pace down the hallway.
The orderly in front of the cart muttered, "Poor bastard." In the
silent, long hallway, his word was clear.
The other hissed, "Shut up."
"I don't see why I can't-" The lack of emotion in the man's voice
indicated it was an old argument.
"No. I've worked too hard to make trustee. I can't go back to the
normal dosage anymore. Don't mess it up for me."
"You and your feedback," The first orderly spat. "You're a sorry
bastard. Doing exactly what they say, when they say."
The other man only made a non-committal noise and pushed the steel
carrier left into another corridor. In another moment the two were
gone. Mulder and Scully looked at each other and followed.
As they walked past the closed doorway the men had just left, the
agents heard only hysterical giggling.
"Maybe they'll lead us to the exit," Mulder whispered, as again they
stopped to watch the orderlies unlock and wheel their rattling
medicine cart into another room. Again, shouting greeted them.
"One hundred and fifty fucking pages! I devoted three months of my
life to that aching monstrosity, and do you care? Damn you, does
anyone? I counted the hits, I know what they have to hide! I know
the truth!"
Mulder murmured, "Maybe these people really do need to be locked up.
That's not the sound of good mental health."
The emotional patient's screaming abruptly died. The agents didn't
wait for the orderlies to exit this time. They took the small
elevator revealed at the end of the hallway. Scully scrambled to use
Sue's key to start the lift. After what seemed like an eternity, the
steel doors slid shut behind them, and the two breathed a sigh of
relief, thankful to be getting away.
Watching the indicator light move upward to the 'G' level, Scully
said, "Mulder, what is this place? Why did they call us if they have
these kinds of secrets to keep?" Her partner shook his head, unable to
answer. The elevator reached the ground level, and opened. The
agents stepped off into the lobby. As the doors slid shut behind them
and the elevator whirred to continue on, Scully realized they were in
big trouble.
Figures stepped out of the shadows: Sue, Lisa, and another.
The third, leather clad woman nodded. Before the agents could react,
a man stepped from behind the agents and pressed the barrel of a gun
firmly against Scully's temple. Reaching into the agent's blazer, he
disarmed her.
"Now you," The goateed man said, nodding at Mulder. The gun to his
partner's head forced Mulder to agree, and with careful slowness, he
placed his weapon to rest against the carpeted floor. The unknown
woman retrieved both guns and backed away, wobbling slightly on black,
three-inch stilettos. The man behind Scully also backed up, still
training his weapon on them.
"Do you let all of your employees wear cat suits?" Mulder asked
sarcastically to Sue.
"Shut up, Agent Mulder. You didn't think we would actually let you
leave, did you?" For the first time, the woman in black spoke. It was
then that Scully noticed the coiled whip tied to her belt.
"You called us here on purpose." Scully said. It was not a question.
Sue yawned delicately. "Of course we did. This whole thing was
planned. We don't allow anyone to leave here. Ever. And believe me,
I should know."
Lisa piped up, "Actually, I'm not so sure that's true, Sue. What
about Adam? He-"
"Garden shredder." Sue said flatly. "Just ask Gem, she's the one who
mulched the grounds for the winter."
Lisa, her brown eyes wide behind her glasses, said incredulously,
"Gem, not another one? He was such a nice man! You said you would
stop after Natasha."
Gem snorted. "Not that nice. You should have heard some of the things
he went out saying. Who knew that he had such a mouth on him?"
Thoughtfully, Sue said, "You know, Lisa does have a point. Those
chipper blades have to be getting dull by now."
The man said, "Excuse me? Ladies. Gem, What are we going to do to
them?" His expression was neutral, schooled from experience.
Sue got a dreamy look in her eye. "Oh, there are so many things I
Gem barked, "Not while I'm on the watch." She glared darkly at her
associate. "And they're not going to with each other, either, do you
hear me?" She looked back at the agents. "You are both headed
upstairs. "We're adding you to the archive FAQ."
Lisa gasped. "That's a great idea!"
Sue said, "Hey now, wait just a second here. The *archive* FAQ? What
about the newsgroup? I think you're overestimating your position in
the chain of command, Gem."
"Sue?" Gem said. "Do you see this gun, my outfit? The fucking
bullwhip? They put me in charge. Now stop your whining."
"No," Sue said, "No until I get the truth. Am I getting a piece of
them, or am I going to make your life a living hell?"
The slim woman in black said, "Sue, I have two words for you. Flame
war. I can make it happen," She arched an eyebrow and snapped her
fingers, "Like that. And don't think it'll be an interesting topic.
I'm thinking the next one will be about the level of sexual tension
between Frohike and Byers."
Scully realized then that she and her partner were in serious trouble.
These people were clearly insane.
Sue stammered. Beads of sweat appeared on her brow. "Um, maybe the
archive could use them more, huh? That's a great, no, in fact that's
a wonderful idea."
Offhandedly, Gem said, "Of course it is. Chael, take them upstairs
and hand them over to Randi." She nodded at the tall man in the corner
with the gun and considered for a second. "Well, maybe I should go
too. These two can be kind of slippery." The blonde, leather encased
woman stared at Mulder speculatively. "And I'd just hate for this one
to be wasted as mulch."
Mulder blanched. When the gun motioned him back onto the elevator, he
didn't protest, and neither did Scully.
-END 1/1-
Hope you liked it, I know I enjoyed writing it. :o)
All comments welcome at: Raine


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