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1013: A Mother's Lament

by Mary Greten

In Other Context: 1013: A Mother's Lament
by Mary Greten
Disclaimer: the X-files belong to its originator, chris carter and
his associate producers and directors, and to the writers who
sculpt his concept for the actors to animate its spirit and elevate ours.
NO infringement on anyone's copyrights is intended.
loc's appreciated:
re-post and re-archive with my name;
spoilers abound
SUMMARY: A "working" mother tries to calm down her over
sensitive son on Chris Carter's birthday.

Date: MON 13 Oct 1997 11:39:27 -0400
To: tom
From: mary greten <>
Subject: Re: [XF] From the latest editon of Zentertainment.....
At 01:23 PM 10/8/97 -0500, Tom wrote:
>>From Mary Greten....
>>>wondering just WHAT scully's hair will look like for season 5, i
>>given the cancer arc, I wonder if there will be hair.
>WHAT?! No, they wouldn't...would they? No more
>Scully's hair? Oh, what would be the point?!? Come on, you're just
>joking, right? YOU'RE SCARING ME! Take that back! Come
>on, take it back!!!
Tommy, why are you calling Mommy at "work"?
Have you been on the net again? Did someone post a nasty to you?
<"Mmmh,sniff, mmph.">
Tommy, Mommy cannot understand a word you are saying.
Remove your thumb from your mouth.
< whup>
Now talk.
<"sniff, ' and then SHE said', sniff">
Tommy, Mommy is still having trouble undersanding you.
Take two tissues from the box next to the phone. Got them?
Good Boy.
Now use one to dry your eyes. And the other to blow your nose.
NO, Tommy, Blow OUT. Into the tissue. Like Mommy showed you.
Good Boy.
Now. get a clean tissue and keep it in your hand in case you need to....
Good Boy. Now remember that Mommy told you that
the people on the net have no idea what a sensitive
little boy you are? So Mary Greten may not be a 'mean old hag'.
<"sniff", 'but Scully', "sniff" 'NO HAIR!, I'm scared, Mommy'
Yes, it is possible.
Don't start crying again, Tommy, let Mommy finish.
Blow Out, Tommy, OUT.
Good boy, Remember the spoilers Mommy read you
the other night. That redux means return and that there is
Redux and Redux 2.
<'two?' "sniff, sniff">
Right, two episodes same name.
<'Can't have sane name?' >
Sane?..same. NO, never before that I know of.
Ask Auntie Fall, she'll know.
<"sniff" 'Auntie Fall knows everything?' "sniff">
Auntie Fall does NOT know EVERYTHING.
You have Auntie Fall confused with Shakespeare.
Two names. one for Mulder and one for Scully.
So both should return.
<"sniff" 'But NO HAIR!!!" BRRRT">
Take another tissue, Tommy.
Good boy. I am getting to that.
Don't you think that even if Scully doesn't have hair in the
first redux or the first part of redux 2 on 11/02 that the people at 1013
wouldn't give back her hair on 11/09 as a belated Birthday gift
to someone.
<"URK, sniff, BRRRT" 'ooze'?">
Ooze? ... Whose? I DON'T know whose birthday!!!
Ask Auntie Fall--She knows EVERYTHING.
Mommy has to go back to "work" now.
Yes, with the people in the white coats.
Throw the used tissues in the little trash can next
to the phone table.
<'But, NO HAIR!, Mommy' "BRRT">
Tommy, Scully will be "FINE". Trust me.
<"TRUST NO ONE!! You're not my Mommy! My Mommy would
*never* say horrible things, like "Scully's gonna lose her hair!">
Mommy didn't say it. That MEAN OLD HAG on the web said it.
Tommy, Tommy, listen to Mommy. I am going to tell you four things
to do then I want you do to them when I say "Go".
I am sorry, sir. It's my son; He is soo sensitive. I should have named
him Mulder. But there was no Mulder then. I could strangle that
Chris "I made this" Carter.
I'm here, Tommy. Feeling better?
Good boy!! Now, suppose, Just PRETEND, Scully is cured but her
hair refuses to grow back and the FBI fires her because of it.
<'They wouldn't do that!>
This is just PRETEND, Tommy, remember? Actually, that would be highly discriminatory...Skinner has no hair to speak of either. Tommy. why are you giggling?
<'THAT'S why they call him "SKINNER"!!'>
No, Tommy. I really really think that is a coinsidence.
<'Not, coinsidence... CONSPIRACY!!'>
sure, Fine, WHATEVER. So, they would have to find another cause
to fire Scully to satisfy NOW, ACLU, DEO, infinitum.
<Carter talk?>
Yes, Mr. Carter does use Latin; but he didn't INVENT it. Where was I?
Scully could MOVE TO LA whereupon she could ditch FOX and
take up with an EBE named Neelix on VOYAGER as a bald,
sex-starved (from that X-file Cartersque reality) DELTAN named
REESE from the DELTA Quadrant (of course where else) who would
not under ANY circumstances take a vow of CELIBACY.
Nevermind, Tommy. Mommy REALLY has to go back to "work" now.
Yes, *especially* with the people in the white coats. Scully will be fine. Mommy promises.
It's Mommy who needs an alternate reality.


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