Disney By Night

Ever wonder what happens to a bunch of frustrated philes in the XF off-season?  All I can really say is, it ain't pretty....

**Note: Some possible mature content.**

(In sequential order)

FLO Blackmail Journal, Day 1 (Or: Goofy's Revenge) - Raine

The Disney Mystique - Pilgrim

Blackmail Journal -Day 8 (Or: Alas, Poor Dale..Though the
Favorites of the Gods DieYoung, They Also Live Eternally in Cheesy
Home Video)
- Raine

Smile, smile....and be a Dawg. Somewhere, in a secret lair beneath Anaheim City, Goofy paces, a slave to his rage and sexually non-specific dysfunction. - Pilgrim

FLO Blackmail Journal-Day 9 (Or: All 'Toons Die, But Not
All 'Toons Truly Live)
- Raine

Disney by Night part 3: When you wish upon a star, it don't
matter where you are......you better make sure your insurance is paid up.
- Pilgrim

FLO Blackmail Journal - Day 10 (Or: A Spoonful of Sodium
Pentathol Makes the Medicine Go Doooown...)
- Raine

Disney by Night: part 4, In which Pooh, Christopher Robin and
the others try to save Piglet from a very excited Dawg.
- Pilgrim

Lets Get Ready to
- Reade

FLO Blackmail Journal - Day 11 (Or:...What Was My Name
Again? Ah, That's Right...Mrs. Goofy...)
- Raine

A Poet's Adventures - Erynn

Disney By Night Part 5...The Final Battle - Pilgrim

Blackmail Journal -Day 12 (The End. Only here, MY files get
destroyed, and if anyone takes a snapshot of me ever again, the fairy bites
- Raine

Big Hands don't necessarily mean big...well you
know...alternatively titled Reade gets Nasty...(Part 1)
- Reade

Disney by Night :Not exactly the happiest place on earth - Loa

Burn Baybeee Burn, Its a Disney Inferno (part 2) - Reade

Alright, it has to end somewhere and its ending with me. So there.
Brought to you from the Pilgrim school of lengthy subject lines. Earn your
diploma today.
- Reade